Jan 9, 2010

Morning Sunshine!

I just got a Canon Rebel T1i and I have been dying  for spring to come so That I can use it. Well this morning an opportunity presented itself to me. As I was walking up the stairs I looked out the sliding glass door and there it was. One of the most beautiful sights I have seen in a long time. The sun was just rising and the sky was a perfect shade of gray and blue with a hint of red/orange from the sunlight. I ran backdown stairs, almost tripping myself I was in such a hurry, grabbed my camera, put on the Telephoto lens and started shooting. I took several pictures but this one was my favorite. Oh what I would have given to be able to sit and enjoy a nice big cup of coffee while watching this marvelous art piece rise up into the sky. But I did not have time because I had to be at work at 8:00am and I only had a few minutes to spare. 

An Absolute MUST Read!

Before I even start you must know that I am not a big fan of reading. I only read books that truly capture my attention and can keep me interested. Shattered Dreams is unlike any other memoir, it is a heartwarming story that is filled with joy, sadness, happiness, praise and perseverance. Irene Spencer does a great job with writing this book about her life. She takes you deep into the heart of what it is really like sharing your husband with 9 other wives, what is like to live in poverty and complete isolation, with no family close by to run to for support when needed. She takes you back in time to some of her most heart wrenching memories like when her baby Leah died or when her husband married her sister. If you are looking for a book that will keep you up until wee hours in the morning or a book that makes you feel like you are in the story, then I suggest you read this book. You will not regret it. Once you read it let me know. I'd really enjoy discussing your thoughts about it.

Jan 8, 2010

One, Two, Three, Four, the list of teeth grows some more. Five, Six, Seven, Eight, looks like I'm a little to late.

Today has been a great day so far. The sun is shinning and its 23 degrees out and I don't need a jacket! yes I'm happy that is 23 degrees out because its been in the negatives these past couple of days things are finally starting to warm up. It snowed a little past my ankle last night. But today most of the snow on the roads has melted. This morning I had a dentist appointment, which was very needed. It had been a long time since I last went to the dentist and had a full cleaning and x-rays. My teeth feel amazing but the dentist said I need like 8 teeth to be worked on. I guess I should have never waited that long to go. Luckily my great insurance from work is paying 80 percent of it so I only have to pay about $350 dollars. Which is a heck of a lot better then the $1500 it would have cost me without insurance. After the dentist I went to Culver's to get myself some lunch before I headed off to work. Culver's has amazing food. Their shakes and custard is some of the best! I usually get a grilled cheese and their delicious crispy curly fries with a side of ranch. People who do not eat at Culver's at least once in their lifetime don't know what they are going to be missing. Today is Friday and you know what that means?! It's pay day! My pay was over $500 which was very nice! I used to get a check and deposit into my account but I switched to direct deposit because that makes life so much easier. If I am not in town on pay day my check gets deposited into my account and I do not have to worry about anything! Makes life a lot easier. Today I work until 7 and then I'm not too sure what I'm going to do. I'm probably just going to stay home and visit family and tomorrow I work 8-2 which is nice!
So here is another funny article that I was reading. It involves Robbers and Stoves... take a look for yourself.

Jan 7, 2010

I thought this was a Photography class?

So I'm pretty sure I know what I'm going to do with school. I am just going to keep going to herzing, but I can take some photography classes as my electives. I did not even realize I had electives until I went and talked to our Guidance counselor. I was confused as to what I should do so I decided to go talk to Robbin about what I was thinking. She told me that every student goes through these kinds of feelings. My mom told me that too but I guess I kind of wanted to hear it from someone else. lol
Any I went to talk to the Bursar who is in charge of our schedules and she told me that The class I was in, Project management, is an elective. I was mad because I would have never taken that class as one of my electives. The Bursar then told me that to drop the class I would have to pay for the full term even tho I went one day. I asked her how I could get out of it and she then proceeded to tell me that if I could convince the President of our school to override it then I would be OK. That is exactly what I did, I told him that it was not fair that they scheduled me for a class without telling me it was an elective. He agreed and he waived the fee for me.
So now my whole schedule is re-arranged. I no longer have that dumb project management class and I get to take a Photography Class. I am so excited that I get to take it! I was looking forward to start class that I woke up early, which I never do, and I got all ready for school and I even left thirty minutes early so I could get a good seat. I make it to class and 8:30 rolls around and my teacher is nowhere to be seen. I figured he was running late because he was a new teacher. 8:45 comes and goes and by now I'm thinking he is just late because of all the snow we had that morning. When the clock gets to about 9:00 I think maybe I'm in the wrong class, and as I go to get up to find out there walks in Mr. "Talks'a alot about boring stuff" with a look like he had been hurrying up all morning. He then tells us that we are going to wait a few more minutes to see if more students show up. I personally think it was just so he could get settled in, but hey that's just my opinion. After he gets settled in he finally decides to start class. You know what he did for the hour that he was teaching? He read to us about copyrighting and plagiarism. The whole time he was reading I was thinking "We already know this and why you waisting my time." then he proceeds to tell us all about his life and how he likes rock climbing and some other useless stuff about it then he tells us about his dad and some other UN-important stuff. then he proceeds to show us some blurry, I mean BLURRY, pictures of rock climbers. and then he shows us some camera equipment that I'm WELL aware of, once he was done showing us all of this he decides that class is going to be over and he ended the day about 2 hours before class was supposed to end. Oh here is the best part of it all. When he walked into class late and he started reading the syllabus he had something in there about not being late and he said that we should not be late and the weather is not an excuse. Um hello you were 30 minutes late this morning, so how can you expect me to honor that? any ways I am still looking very forward to this class. Its going to be amazing taking pictures and learning all sorts of stuff about photography. I will say that I have to give Mr. "Talks'a alot about boring stuff" some props. One for getting up in front of a new class at a new school to teach to a bunch of students he has never met and another for bringing in his awesome old fashioned Canon Camera. It was really cool seeing that!
Phew that was a lot.
I am currently at work and it is absolutely DEAD out. Its been snowing since this morning and the roads are horrible out. I drive a little cavalier and its good in snow but still it does slip and slide around. I was going about 40 mph on the freeway and when it came time to exit I had to come to a complete stop because the exit ramp was not plowed.

I used to think I would not enjoy writing but lately I have been feeling like writing. It's just a lot of fun being able to write out what I'm thinking and what Is going on in my life. I actually am looking forward to write in here again. I was looking at the news and her is an article about falling Iguanas. Yeah that's right falling Iguanas. Ha ha Read it and see why its funny.

Jan 5, 2010

Alot to think about...

I'm not sure if going to Herzing is what I should be doing... I really don't know what I wan't to do for the rest of my life. I was thinking of maybe transferring to MATC and get my generals there but then what would I do after that? I'm also thinking of joining the US Coast Guard, but the thing that scares me about that is it is a big commitment and what if I join and it's not what I'm supposed to be doing? If I did join the Coast Guard I would most likely serve as a Public Affairs Specialist, PA. I would be doing a lot of photography, videography and journalism. I'm still not sure as to what I really want. I guess I just better start praying. Right?
Well, while I figure out what I wan't to do I guess I'm just going to continue going to Herzing.

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