May 3, 2010

Week 18 - “Then & Now” Photo Challenge

This weeks theme is Then & Now... Find a picture of when you were younger then recreate the same pose again trying to get the same smile and everything.
I was not quite sure about this entry but I decided it would be fun to do!
So i went through all my pics and this one was one that I thought would be cool to re create...
Hope you enjoy it!

While you are at it check out some other really cool entries over at 

jhon Lebaron,jhon898

May 2, 2010

Another beautiful Sunday

I have always thought it would be a cool Idea to take pictures of someone out on a couch in the middle of a field, but I never knew where or how to do it. Well today I was telling my mom about my idea and she then told me that she saw a couch out in a field while driving home from work and that I should go check it out. So I did. I got my sister all dressed up in a fancy dress and made my way there! It was perfect! Here is one of my favorite shots! I just started editing them so Ill add more later!

I also took my first engagement pictures today! I am so excited how they are turning out! woke up early for that and I went to take them at this really cool garden in Madison Wisconsin. What do you think of them so far?

jhon Lebaron,jhon898
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