Aug 9, 2010

Week 32 Surprise

Today over at I Heart Faces the challenge was to enter a photo that best represents surprise.
When you are done checking mine out you should check out some of the other cool pictures!

Check out other AWESOME entries over at


Little Brother

These are some of the shots I took of my little Brother Kevin in Mexico
Looking at these pictures definitely make me miss him.
He is down there with his mom and our dad.



I had a lot of fun taking these pictures for these girls.
They were easy to work with and they all have great smiles!
We got off to a rough start because of some misunderstanding.
I ended up at one park and they were at another. 
But after a quick drive we were at the same place.
Hope you enjoy the pics! 
and any feedback you have will be appreciated!
Whether it good or bad!


Aug 8, 2010

Meet the Stange's

I finally finished editing the wedding pictures.
My favorite ones were the pictures of just them two together.
They look so happy and look so in love!
Lucy and Tim I enjoyed Taking your pictures!
May life bring you both happiness and many many years together!

We went out onto the busy road to take pictures. It was quite funny when cars would come by because we would have to hurry up and get off the road. Luckily we got some shots tho!

The little boy and girl looked so cute dancing. I had to get a picture of it. This little guy sure knew how to dance!
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