Feb 14, 2010


This top one is my favorite one out of all the pictures. The sunset was so beautiful

Today was a lazy day, then again sundays usually are. They consist of going to church with the family then out to eat and then home to relax. I was really bored today for some reason. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I'm always on the go. I go to school then directly to work and I'm home by 6:15-6:30. By the time I eat supper and do homework there is really not time to do things I enjoy. Today I was being lazy laying on my bed when I had a brilliant Idea! I was going to take pictures of the sunset. I was really excited because earlier in my lazy day I discovered actions in photoshop! They are really cool because they make the pictures look awesome. I wanted to edit some new pictures but it never really hit me in the head until the sun started to set that I should take pictures of the sunset and edit those. I grabbed my Camera and headed out the door. I got into my car and I drove to new places I have never been before. I had my heater on full blast because it was freezing out and because I had my window down so I could get good shots. Now that I discovered actions I really want to take some great pictures of someone so that I can edit them using my new friend, actions. If you know any place to get great actions/textures let me know! Thanks.
Hope you all had an awesome valentines day! Whether you have a significant other or your single like me :)
Take care,

jhon Lebaron,jhon898
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