Apr 5, 2010

Getaway to Minnesota

We had been really short with help at work so I was working every single saturday for the last couple weeks. We finally got help & guess what? I got a saturday off. I decided I would go to Minnesota & visit my best friend and family. I woke up really early, 6:00am, got ready then left my house at 6:30. It is just a little over a 4 hour drive there. I was happy for the drive because when I drive it is my time to think about life or whatever is going on in my little world. I thought about school & work & my family in mexico & so much more, heck I only had 4 hours!!
The hardest part of the drive is definitely first starting out. Once I have been going for a while things seem to go smoothly & time goes by faster. I love driving, no matter where it is to. I got there saturday at around 11:00. I had a great time visiting my cousins. We went and worked out at the gym, which was very tiring! We also went to Inta Juice, which is the best juice shop ever. They have so many different flavors & options to make your shake. My favorite shake is one with Bananas, Soy Milk, Frozen Vanilla Yogurt, Whey Protein & lastly a Fiber Mixture. It tastes amazing! Any ways on easter sunday Jen (red hair), Pammy (Blonde Hair) & me were just hanging out at the house visiting when I decided we should take some pictures. We had so much fun doing it! My getaway to Minnesota soon was over & I had to come back home. I didn't want to leave because I really needed the little vacation. I needed to get away from school & my regular life, but I really did have fun there!
I made it home in once piece with a terrible migraine tho.
I look forward to going to Minnesota again sometime in the near future.
I think my blog is so choppy today but that is because I am super tired & My head still terribly hurts...

jhon Lebaron,jhon898
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