Sep 17, 2010

Fix-It Friday #71

Here is the Original Picture




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Sep 13, 2010

Home Made Wine [Day 1]

So I started an Experiment :] Home made wine!
Call me crazy but I thought it would be really cool to try it out.
I have always thought the process of making wine and beer was cool. Me and my cousin once tried to make some while in Nicaragua but we didn't have the correct materials so it never worked and I forgot about making it until a couple of days ago. A customer who comes into the bank makes her own homemade wine all the time and I thought to my self I wanted to give it a try.
So I went online and I did plenty of research on recipes and materials. 
I finally found a simple and easy recipe that I tweaked a little bit and now the wait begins!


All you need is a gallon Jug. Preferably glass so that the plastic doesn't leak or affect your wine. Call me crazy and this is a whole different topic but I have my feelings about chemicals from the plastic leaking into our food/drinks. 
Any ways you also need 4 & 1/2 cups sugar
One container of Juice (nothing citrus, dont know why) I chose grape!
One .25 oz package of dry active yeast.
One Ballon rinsed out with 4 SMALL needle pokes in the top of it (It lets the carbon dioxide out while keeping air from getting in, thats why the holes have to be small)
Some rubber bands
& lastly a funnel

Stir the sugar in some water so that i will be easier to pour into the Jug.
Then add the Juice along with the yeast and fill the rest of the Jug up with cold water.
Put the ballon on the top of the jug and put rubber bands around it.

Now place the whole concoction in a cool dark place and wait 6 weeks!
I wrote the date on mine so that I know when I did it and I can know when it will be ready
The recipe told me 6 weeks but Im gonna give it 6 & 1/2 or 7 weeks just to be safe.

Once the 6 weeks is up your gonna want to strain the wine so that you get out all of the imperfections like the sugar and yeast that didn't dissolve.
Within the first day your ballon will start to inflate so make sure there is nothing sharp around it. 
It wont get big just big enough for the air to escape through the small needle holes.

The one on the right was done on the 10th and the one on the left was done on the 13th.
The only difference between the two is one has more sugar than the other. I want to see if there is a difference in taste.
How the ballon's are is how big they are going to get and stay, unless you forget to poke the holes... 
I will keep you updated on whats going on!
Currently the one on the right has been fizzing all day today.
So it tells me that is working!

If you decide to do this let me know because I would love to hear how you did yours and if you tweaked it at all!


Week 37 • Vroom, Vroom Photo Challenge!

So this week over at I Heart Faces the challenge is to have a picture with a car in it. Wether the car be real or a toy car is my decision!
Here is my entry!

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