May 1, 2010

My First Senior Pics

So while in Louisiana Tiffany wanted me to take some senior pictures for her!
We went to the Levy in Baton Rouge and took some pics right off the water!
I was so nervous to do my first senior photo shoot... what do you think of them?

jhon Lebaron,jhon898

Apr 27, 2010

Week 17 - “Smiles” Photo Challenge!

This week over at I Heart Faces the challenge is "smiles"
Here is my entry for the Contest

while you are at it make sure to check out other awesome entries over at

jhon Lebaron,jhon898


As I said earlier I would tell you why I was so squished!
I got up early the day of my flight to take care of last minute details with my packing. Once everything was ok and I had a little snack I was off to the airport! 
I got to my gate; which was not hard to find, the airport has like 9 gates, while walking there I see this lady eating the most scrumptious Sandwich I had ever seen and it made my mouth water just looking at it so I knew what I was going to eat! 
After eating my sandwich the plane started to board so I hurried up got in the plane and took my seat. The plane was rather small, more like claustrophobic small, which is no fun. After taking my seat people would walk down the aisle and one by one I would think to myself "oh I wouldn't mind if you sat here" or "oh please keep walking by" I know I know thats mean. lol Any ways this overly sized creepy looking guy comes walking down the aisle and i'm hoping he keeps walking past my seat but nope he stops, seat 16 A for me 16 B for him. He sits down and I have my arm on the rest between us and when I pick my arm up to store last minute stuff under my seat he picks the rest up and proceeds to take up part of my seat. Now I know for a fact we could have left the arm rest down and he would have been more than comfortable. But nope he didn't leave it down. Didn't even bother asking me. I was a little perturbed  but I decided I would be nice and let is slide. I just wish he would have asked... haha Any ways that was my horror story of the trip...
The rest of the trip was amazing!
Prom was a lot of fun!
On sunday we spent the whole day at the park having a party for my niece Nancy!
I got to see so many family members and I really enjoyed visiting everyone of them.
I got to enjoy starbucks with my sister Ayline twice! and I played a really cool board game called Settlers of Catan. I recommend everybody to play that game! I don't even know how to begin to explain it but it sure is fun.
I am sad to be home because I didn't get to see my dad who gets there they day after I left.
But I am very happy to be home with some fresh new pictures to edit and some great memories!

Nancy [My Niece]

Trenton [My Nephew]

Tiffany [My Prom Date]

jhon Lebaron,jhon898
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